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Author: Andy Smith
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Subject: [bitfolk] Networking on 18.04 and beyond is configured by netplan

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Briefly: The Ubuntu 18.04 installer now configures networking
properly using netplan¹, and later versions of Ubuntu will continue
to do so as long as the default in Ubuntu remains netplan.

More detail:

There was a recent thread² on the "users" list where a customer had
upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 and was having problems configuring their
networking using ifupdown (as configured by /etc/network/interfaces)
like they always had.

During the course of that discussion it was noted³ that as of Ubuntu
18.04 (Bionic Beaver), Ubuntu now uses netplan to configure
networking. BitFolk has been generating an /etc/network/interfaces
file using a post-install script in the Ubuntu installer, but this
file is no longer consulted for configuring networking in Ubuntu.

The installer has now been made to generate a correct netplan config
in /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml.

We recommend that customers upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04 and beyond
switch to netplan for a simpler life. netplan can't currently do
everything that ifupdown can, so if you have a complicated
networking setup you should look into this carefully. A lot can be
done in systemd-networkd hooks instead of ifupdown hooks.

The "IPv6" article on the wiki has been updated for the relevant
netplan configurations:



¹ https://netplan.io/

² https://lists.bitfolk.com/lurker/message/20181109.144005.13377548.en.html

³ https://lists.bitfolk.com/lurker/message/20181113.170055.93f45da1.en.html

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