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Author: Andy Smith
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Subject: [bitfolk] Pushover notifications now available (beta)

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I make use of Pushover myself:


A customer asked for non-email notifications from BitFolk's
monitoring and I suggested Pushover for them too.

I've now added the necessary bits to generalise it for any customer.
If you would like Pushover notifications then please mail
support@??? to ask for them.

When you ask please:

- supply your Pushover User Key (visible in your Pushover dashboard)

- state whether you want it for just host notifications (is the host
down or unreachable?) or for service notifications as well (is
service X on host Y in a non-OK state?). Services might generate
quite a few notifications. If you only want SOME services to
generate these notifications, you can let us know what those are


- Will only send a notification on a non-OK state, so you won't
receive RECOVERY/OK notifications. This is in the interest of not
deluging you with notifications.

- Priority is always set to 1 (high), which means it will try to
make a noise and vibrate your mobile device. You can override that
in your mobile device. The full API does allow an emergency
priority which would require you to acknowledge it, and three
quieter options, but I'm not ready to support any of those yet.

- You can't currently have Pushover notifications without email
notifications too.

- You can't tell monitoring to stop sending you Pushover
notifications but carry on sending email ones. Anything you'd
usually do to stop notifications will stop both kinds.

If more than a few people request this then I will integrate it with
the address book in the panel so you can get Pushover notifications
by adding a contact with a Pushover key there.


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