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Author: Andy Smith
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Subject: [bitfolk] 2021-06-19 ~20:37Z - 2021-06-19 ~21:3Z: Emergency reboot of server "hobgoblin"

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At about 20:37Z we started receiving alerts for customer services on
server "hobgoblin". It quickly became apparent that this was the
intermittent "I/O stall" problem we've been seeing on all servers
and have been grappling with for months now.

All I could do was power cycle the server, which happened at about

We're still not able to reproduce the problem on demand and it can
be several months between incidents. We've tried upgrading
hypervisor and that's not helped. It's looking more like a problem
in the Linux kernel. So, I upgraded that as well to a newer
self-made package.

I've been communicating with a couple of the linux-raid devs and we
have some ideas but gathering information and making changes is
going slowly because of the lack of reproducibility and long time
between incidents. It's basically a case of making a single change
any time there is an issue.

With the upgrades done, the server was rebooted again and at about
21:19Z customer VMs started booting again. This was complete by
about 21:33Z.

Obviously I am not happy with these outages and I'm doing everything
I can to find the root cause.


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