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Author: Andy Smith
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Subject: [bitfolk] Further relocation of servers, likely to be evening of Thursday 27 May

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We don't have 100% firm date for this yet and I don't want to
announce it properly while the other moves are happening but I also
want to try to give a month of notice: The servers that are not
getting relocated today & 27 April will very likely be relocated on
27 May.

That is:

- elephant
- limoncello
- snaps
- talisker

Now because of the movement of individual customers that is still
taking place, it is very likely that everyone who's currently on
"snaps" will be moved off of it before then, in which case we will
relocate it at a time convenient to us as it won't affect anyone.

The other three have already had an OS upgrade so they definitely
will be relocated all together on the same night, which as I say is
very likely to be 27 May.

As before I will send another mail here when we have confirmation
and then we will send a direct email a week before to everyone who
will be affected. And as before it will be possible to have your
service moved about ahead of time at a time of your choosing.

While I'm here a reminder that:

- Server "hen" is being relocated tonight at some point between
21:00 and 23:00 BST (20:00 to 22:00 UTC). Those affected would
have received individual notifications about that a week ago.

- Servers "clockwork", "hobgoblin", "jack", "leffe", "macallan" and
"paradox" will be relocated on 27 April and later today all those
who will be affected will receive a direct email about this.

The full details of those works are at:



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