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Author: Andy Smith
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Subject: [bitfolk] 2020-12-27 ~00:00 – ~00:45 internal packet loss and alerts regarding "clockwork" and "limoncello"

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As of about 0000Z we started receiving alerts of packet loss and
began investigation. It was found to be an internal issue between hosts
"clockwork" and "limoncello" only. That is, everything on both hosts
was reachable from outside our network and also from inside as long
as it wasn't between those two hosts.

As there is a monitoring node on "limoncello", a number of alerts
were sent out regarding customer services on "clockwork" that it
considered to be down, but they weren't actually down - unless you
happened to be hosted on "limoncello", anyway, and vice versa.

I tracked the issue to one of the two bonded switch ports for
"clockwork"; bringing that interface down and up again appears to
have cleared it. That happened at about 0045Z.

If the problem reoccurs we can down the interface and have it run on
one interface until the port or switch can be changed. If the
problem is actually in the NIC of the server itself things will be
more tricky, but we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.


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