[bitfolk] Host "elephant" needed to be power cycled just now

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Author: Andy Smith
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Subject: [bitfolk] Host "elephant" needed to be power cycled just now

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At around 00:15Z we started receiving alerts regarding some servers
on host "elephant". Looking at the machine's console it was
reporting errors with its SAS controller, and was generally
unresponsive to anything requiring block IO, so I had no choice but
to power cycle it.

On boot I couldn't find any issue with its SAS controller, and it
was able to find all its storage devices and seemingly boot
normally. The last few customer VPSes have finished booting as I
type this.

I will keep an eye on things for the next few hours and let you know
about further actions. Please accept my apologies for the

This is unrelated to the problems with "elephant" last month which
were tracked down to a kernel bug.


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