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Author: Dave Mills
To: Ian
CC: Bitfolk Users
Subject: Re: [bitfolk] Migrate away from Wordpress?
Hi Ian,

I hadn't come across that way of doing thing. I'll take a look.


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On Sat, 6 Jun 2020 at 22:52, Ian <ian@???> wrote:

> Dave Mills asked:
> > Long shot probably, but have any of you had any success migrating away
> > from wordpress to a static site generator? I really want to ditch
> wordpress.
> Depending on how much you want to change their content, look at the
> WordPress static site generators.
> Simply Static works well if you've sensibly avoided going anywhere near
> the Gutenberg versions of WP, otherwise there's
> which also has links to commercial alternatives.
> The basic workflow is 'get site the way you want / convert to static in
> a few seconds / switch Apache to serve that instead / leave it that way
> or switch back to WP to do some editing / repeat'.
> If you're not doing a pile of edits, this is the easiest way to go.
> Andy said:
> > I run PHP things under mod_proxy_fcgi which makes all PHP for a
> > given vhost run as a specific user. That uses only features built in
> > to Apache and PHP so is pretty simple and reliable:
> It also makes each instance of Apache much smaller. The exact method of
> avoiding it has changed with Apache changes, but it's been many many
> years since I've used mod_php.
> Ian
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