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Author: Andy Smith
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Subject: [bitfolk] A bit behind on billing due to payment provider breakage

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It appears that our Direct Debit payment provider turned off another
bit of their legacy API¹ on 20 December and as a result we haven't
been issuing (any) invoices or requesting Direct Debit payments
since then as I needed to fix up some things.

I've only just had chance to look into it, but now it's all flowing
again so if you have today received invoices which talk about
service running from a date that is before today, that is why.

Apologies for any confusion caused.


¹ They in theory turned it off at the end of October 2017, but did
in fact leave it running so that customers set up using it could
still be billed. Apparently some of that is no longer the case. At
the moment it seems that this will just mean that I have to ask a
few people to authorise new mandates.

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