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Author: Ed Neville
To: users
Subject: Re: [bitfolk] How much should BitFolk allow you to owe us before we suspend your service?
On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 07:48:42PM +0100, Stuart Criddle wrote:
> > On 19 Jun 2018, at 18:59, G. Miliotis <corfiot@???>
> > wrote:
> >> On 19/6/2018 20:07, Andy Smith wrote:
> >> Which do you like best, 1.5x allowance or 2x monthly service
> >> charge?

> > I prefer a multiplier of monthly service charge.
> > Maybe go from +1x to +6x, customer decides, default +1x.

> Can we start at 0x rather than 1x

Honestly, I thought it was 0x. For my non-business site, I can't think
of any situation where it'd be beneficial for to not have brakes on.

Even on busy months it doesn't come close to the network allowance, so
if it went near, I'd like you to apply the brakes at say 0.9 x so that I
would get a chance to console in and sort out the issue.

Best regards,