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Author: Keith Williams
To: BitFolk Users
Subject: Re: [bitfolk] How much should BitFolk allow you to owe us before we suspend your service?
Just to add my twopenn'orth. I would be more than happy to be cut off as
soon as data usage hit the limit. That would certainly signal something
desperately wrong going on. As I quite frequently spend a week or two at a
time far from phone signals or any reliable internet connection, an early
warning system would be difficult.
But then mine is a purely personal account
I also think that maybe the sign up form should have alternative contact
details as a requirement. But surely, there is a limit to what you can be
expected to do to inform a customer that their account is going haywire

On Wed, 20 Jun 2018 at 07:00, G. Miliotis <corfiot@???> wrote:

> On 19/6/2018 21:50, Andy Smith wrote:
> > so I can imagine that it is hard to put yourselves into
> > the mindset of someone who regularly intentionally moves terabytes
> I could imagine a scenario where someone uses the VPS as an
> anonymizer/geochanger or a loadbalancing proxy to actual big web servers.
> Then when they get slashdotted or something their proxy drowns and you
> get this. I would, however, expect such people to a) not do this in the
> first place and b) be responsive.
> I am indeed having difficulty getting into the mindset of these edge cases.
> --George
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