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Author: Andy Smith
To: users
Subject: Re: [bitfolk] How much should BitFolk allow you to owe us before we suspend your service?

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Hi Ian,

Thanks for your input.

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 07:50:37PM +0100, Ian wrote:
> I see this as ultimately a credit control question and, as such, up to
> you rather than anyone else.

You are correct, and that is the basis on which I want to make a
change, but I wanted to consult the customer base first to get a
better understanding of what people's views are.

It really is the case that I once did this many years ago and
received answers that were very much against any interference, but
at the time these were responses based on a very hypothetical
situation that perhaps people had a hard time applying to

So, I want people to think about how they would like it handled if
it was their VPS doing for example 80Mbit/sec for 30 days resulting
in 40+TB of overage (£2,400+VAT) if they happened to not read (or
maybe not receive) any of the warning emails.

> But for new customers in particular, if they haven't asked, why should
> they expect to get it by default?

You are certainly not alone this time around in suggesting that the
credit facility should by default be zero unless a request is made
for more.

> If any customers are seen legally as consumers, then in your position
> I would take advice about the issues around extending them credit.

That is an interesting point that I hadn't considered!


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