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Author: Andy Smith
To: users
Subject: Re: [bitfolk] How much should BitFolk allow you to owe us before we suspend your service?

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Hi GM,

Thanks for your input.

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 08:59:04PM +0300, G. Miliotis wrote:
> On 19/6/2018 20:07, Andy Smith wrote:
> >Which do you like best, 1.5x allowance or 2x monthly service charge?
> I prefer a multiplier of monthly service charge.
> Maybe go from +1x to +6x, customer decides, default +1x.

So just to state some specific numbers, for a base £8.99/mo VPS,
this would currently allow for 150GB of excess data transfer, on top
of the included 1,000GB.


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