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Author: Andy Smith
To: users
Subject: [bitfolk] Some testing help with address book feature requested

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I've been working on a really long-requested feature, which is to
allow an address book of multiple contact details:


I've now done most of the work on the part that lets you store and
manage contacts, but I both hate and am not very good at web work,
so I'm bound to have made some mistakes. Please could you have a
look at it and see if you can break it?

It's at:


Log in with your usual credentials, and your multi-factor auth code
if enabled.

All it does right now is let you add and change contact records. It
won't actually make any of your alerts and bills etc go anywhere
different (changing the main contact will, though, as usual). That's
for later.

So, I'm interested to see if you can break it. If you can, an update
at the above redmine page would be appreciated (log in with your
usual BitFolk credentials). Or just mail me off-list if you don't
feel like logging in to redmine.

Complaints about how it *looks* will not be that useful, since I
already know I suck at HTML. If you do have suggestions about how to
improve the aesthetics they should come with example HTML/CSS that
implements your look. :)

After this is working how we want then I intend to disable all of
the roles except alerting, as each role will require a lot of work
elsewhere at BitFolk. I need to also push out some updated
monitoring so I will make it use the alerting role at the same time.

Next will most likely be adding back the billing role, as the main
driver for issue #22 in the first place was for people who want
their billing notifications to go to a different place. They've been
waiting 6 years…


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