[bitfolk] Scheduled maintenance on 24–26 July

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Author: Andy Smith
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Subject: [bitfolk] Scheduled maintenance on 24–26 July

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By now all customers should have received notification of scheduled
maintenance that will be required due to a serious security flaw in
the hypervisor software that we use (Xen).

If you have not seen an email regarding this then please check your
spam folders etc.

The full details¹ are in the email you've already received and I'm
only sending this so as to have a public notification I can link to
when people raise support tickets to ask what is going on. :)

Anyway, the hosts have all been patched and the maintenance consists
of merely rebooting them to boot into the new hypervisor. This will
happen across three nights.

In previous non-SSD days this used to take around 30 minutes to shut
down all VPSes, reboot and boot them all again. These days I expect
it to be much shorter, maybe 5 minutes. So, you should see a clean
shut down followed by a boot a few minutes later.

It is important that you ensure that your VPS boots cleanly with all
services you expect running to be running. We offer free Nagios
monitoring which can be useful for assuring yourself that everything
you expect to be running really is running. Also if I see Nagios
looks more broken afterwards than it was to start with then I will
have a quick investigate. If interested in having that set up then
please contact support@???.


¹ Well, not any details about the bug itself. These are under
embargo until mid day Tuesday 26 July.

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